Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Research - Analysing Music Videos 2

This is a music video of Lostprophets's Bring 'Em Down - this is the band that we will be making our music video on. I believe that the start of this music video is cleverly made. It starts of with a mist with the camera slowly zooming in through it, then a cut to someone's hands being tied behind a chair. Then there is a cut to a man in harsh clothes with a bandaged hand, the camera movement of this shot is tilt as the camera tilts to the left. Then it cuts to a close up of the singer of the band, the mise-en-scene of him is also harsh as his hair and face make up is messy to give a hint that he is being "tortured" if you like. The timing of the music video is also clever as the band shouts out a number, as they are counting up, someone punches the singer, however it was well made that they cut the scene at a precise time so that it looks like he was getting punch, also when the perfect timing of the cut is taken, they put more make up on the singer to show as if he was actually punched. At roughly 30 seconds in to the video it shows a low angle shot of people running across the shot, the lighting and angle of the shot prevents the identity of the people running being revealed. The shot then cuts to a shot of the singer walking towards the camera as it pans upwards to show his face. At 1:05 the scene shows a close up of the singer, however the camera then begins to spin around his face as he repeatedly says "down" this is almost like a hypnotic technique as it seems to tell the audience to bring people down. Then a few seconds after that scene, it shows the singer being beaten up again, however when the artist gets punched the scene quickly cuts to a movement where it follows the movement of the punch. Overall, there are many different shots and angles that was used in this music video to express the narrative of the video, as you continue to watch the video there will be more and more different techniques they used. 

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