Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Research - Analysing Music Videos 1

This is a music video from A Day To Remember's All I want. It begins with a short intro of the band, the camera moves across the wall - in a panning/tracking movement - filled with posters of the band which tells the audience who the band is. It also has a short equilibrium at the start in which there were a few scenes where the camera just focuses and tracks little movements from the singer, it then cuts to a Medium shot of the singer sitting on a chair with a notepad and pencil and begins to write. It then cuts to a close up of what he was writing on a high angle so that the audience can see that he was writing "Thank You", as soon as he wrote a line to underline this quote, the music begins. The mise-en-scene shows the same scenery as the previous shots however it differs from it as the rest of the band is there and are performing their song. As the intro of the song is played, many panning shots are shown of the posters behind the band which we are posters about them which again tells the audience who they are. The majority of the music video is taken on a steady cam, this allows easy movement of the camera but also prevents it from moving too much (e.g. shaking etc.) this technique was used throughout the music video. Also the majority of the shots were medium shots - this was because the genre of music acquires plenty of movement which a medium shot can express both movement of the band members and also prevent them from going off the shot if they move to much. After a few seconds of the song, it cuts to many other people/musicians who are singing their song with them, this place a role as it encourages the audience to do the same and sing with them. These shots were mostly taken from a low angle or normal and never high angle as it has connotations of weakness and vulnerable. At roughly one minute into the music video, it shows a man singing enthusiastically in which the camera tilts which emphasises he's feeling to the song. Also the shots are mostly controlled so that there is not a huge empty space above the heads of the people and the band.

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