Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Update On Progress 9

Today, we have found out and were given permission to go pass our designed schedule of filming and film some of our music video when we come back next term at the start of the coming year. With this recent news, we are able to allocate more time to filming the narrative story of the music video in which we will still have Adam and his cast as it would express how injuries and disabilities can add to the stress and pressure, and we are also able to allocate more time in the performing section of the music video next term, so my sub-role doesn't primarily start till next year bar a few of the equipment we could use for the narrative. We have also asked further permission to use the dance hall of the school (as it is one of our locations for the scenes). After a short discussion, we have been told that the Dance Hall is available at any time on Thursday in which we discussed how we could film as much performing scenes as we could next term every thursdays for the video. We have also discussed a minor change in our video plan, when the Boss drops folders on Adam's office desk which makes him angry, we have decided to show that it was dropped on his hand despite having the cast on - which would express more anger in him.

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