Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Evaluation - 3. What did you learn from your audience feedback?

Through the results of the questionnaire and watching over my product again by myself, I began to see things that wasn't so obvious as to the screening done earlier. There clear issues with some of the scenes in which they simply weren't at a good quality. For example, there were scenes where the shot quality was blurred which tells me that ,when I was filming, the camera did not focus to an appropriate degree to which would have prevented that blur issue. Another issue is probably my shot selection in which were used in the final product, I think this is the reason as to why some of the audience did not understand the narrative of the video.
However, as mentioned above, the majority of the response were positive. The response for the question "Would you recommend this video to others?" where the majority has responded saying "Yes" connotes to me that people were interested and liked the product during the screening

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