Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Research - Analysing Music Videos 3

Mayday Parade - Stay from Thunder Down Country on Vimeo.

This is a video of Mayday Parade's Stay. It is a video that has a deep narrative about a girl - most likely someone that the main singer loves in the video. It begins with a close up, high angle shot of the female on a stretcher being taken into an ambulance, this quickly sets of a situation that something bad has happened in which she must have been severly injured and unconsious. The video is separated by two settings - the narrative in the ambulance, and a  simple white background room where they perform.  The majority of the shots are taken with a steady cam or some form of moving tripod as the shots usually moves towards, away or to the side of each of the band members. There are also several close up shots of subjects to show their expressions or to emphasise on a subject - e.g. the heart beat stopping which lead to the big build up in the song near the end. The shots in the ambulance were taken with a steady cam to prevent the bumps that occur in the ambulance and by keeping still, it shows that the ambulance is moving by the movement of it.

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