Thursday, 21 June 2012

Track Down - Chase Scene

Media mini Project – Chase
Storyboard: -
            We begin with equilibrium of a normal school during normal school time. Then we cut to a scene of a rebellious student who is in an empty classroom with no presence inside it. Then we start to see the reason in the student being in that classroom, he is looking for something to steal in the teacher’s desk. He takes some money out in which he looks out to the door and sees a nerd student staring at him, in which he tells a teacher. Then this becomes a chasing scene as the teacher tries to catch the rebellious student. The student runs to a dead end in which he is trapped and caught by the teacher, then this becomes the resolve of the problem and we come back to equilibrium as justice was done to the rebellious student.
Costume: -
            Teacher – Ryan, wearing a suit, formal attire so that it represents a teacher and a high positioned member of staff
            Nerd Student – Jan, wearing nerdy attire, this is so that it represents a nerdy student in which would “grass” on the student to a teacher
            Rebellious Student – Adam, wearing hoodie, jeans, this will all represent a thug like student
Sound: -
            Non diegetic sound – music that plays in the background that would be upbeat or represents something within the shot
            sound fx – music that represents the scene and may also emphasis on a point (breathing)
Locations: -
            Heworth Grange Comprehensive School
            2 classrooms – one for the crime, and the other for the high positioned teacher
            Corridors – the running scenes
            Yard – the running scene
Props: -
            Money – for the crime scene
            Regular classroom equipment (tables, desk, board etc) – to set the scenes

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