Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Update On Progress 12

As we are on the second day of the week, we have searched for Mrs Scott who is the CEO of the Dance Studio who we ask permission for the use of it in our music video. After minutes of searching, we have come to the conclusion that Week 1, Tuesday all day, Mrs Scott is not in school which we will have to ask permission some other day to be able to use the dance studio in this time next 2 weeks as Mrs isn't in, and also Week 2 Thursday as we know that the dance studio is free at the time.
We this issue, we will have to ask permission for the dance studio tomorrow or some other time

Also due to the weather conditions at this time of year, where it is snowing nearly every 3 hours. This means we cannot film our narrative section of the music video as our narrative takes place outdoors where it is dangerous to do so as snow is slippery, it could be used to further express Adam's anger and stress however it could be stressful to me as cinematography manager as I may slip during a good session of footage

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