Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Update On Progress 11

On the thursday just been, we have taken in to account at how we may not be producing our project as well as planned in which we have began our shooting that day, we have booked the dance studio, reserved some instruments and all the other equipment that we needed for filming.It took about 40 mins to set up all the gear, and probably a few more minutes trying to get other equipment such as guitar straps, drumsticks etc. to help aid in the ease of playng the instruments. As it was our first time filming on that day as a whole group, it took a while before getting in to gear and actually producing decent quality footage. We have started getting some footage of the drum section, we are hoping to able to capture more solo performance footage for the music video. Our filiming stage took roughly 4th period for preparation and after school to 4o'clock where we filmed.

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