Thursday, 29 November 2012

Video Plan - Final Draft

Our main focus of the video will be on Adam, he will be the main actor of the music video. The narrative of the song will be that he will go out of his house as a typical working class man, going to his work where he feels paranoid or imaging that everyone in his surrouding is staring at him all the time. This is when the dis-equilibrium begins. He then gets to work where he sits down and his boss simply increases his work load or complains at him in which builds up on the stress that is put on Adam. This build up will then lead to where Adam cannot handle the stress anymore and kicks off by screaming and making a mess of the office. This is all in his head, however in the following half of the video we will be showing how he was wrong and that he was only imagining so that no one was actually staring at him. Overall, we are essentially showing the struggle that some people may see in their lives however if we open our eyes or put more effort and organise life more then life wouldn't be so bad and stressful and the paranoia  was only imagination

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