Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Update On Progress 3

In the previous week, which is the first week of our term, we were told to create a 6 week plan of the shooting production of our project. We were also informed about what needs to be finished before the cristmas holiday - this would be complete everything (research, planning, project shooting) before the hend of term in which the following term back would be the editing term and other means of the project. After a discussion with my group, we have come to a decision of a brief planning of our project throughout this term. We would be following this plan to ensure that we hit the deadline at the end of the term.

Our plan: -
  • Week 1 - Research and Planning
  • Week 2 - Location ideas for shooting and equipment & props availabilty check
  • Week 3 - This week would be our spare week in case we haven't completed the roles noted above, however we could also start shooting in this week provided that we have completed the above
  • Week 4 - Filming
  • Week 5 - Filming
  • Week 6 - Filming
If we follow and complete all these tasks noted above, hopefully we have ensured that we have completed the whole filming section of our project so that the next task would be editing and evaluation etc.

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