Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Update On Progress 1

Today we are planning out our schedule plan of the whole term. We are currently figuring out the best possible free periods in which the whole group is free to be able to do some shooting for the project. We are planning out, in terms of weeks, the best possible method to plan the shooting ensuring that we finish all the shooting we need by the end of this term. We have briefly stated our free periods during school and compared all the free periods we have. I said 'briefly' as we need one more member of the band which is Kaan who we chose as the drummer, we have texted him asking when his free periods are therefore as soon as he has replied, we will be able to compare all of the free periods we have together and then be able to discuss the timetable to shoot the music video. We have also started creating the timetable of this term so that we have a brief plan and deadlines set up to be able to complete the post production schedules.

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