Monday, 3 September 2012

Trailer/ Short Film Analysis - Holiday Homework

Trailer 1
Paranormal Activity

This is simply the first trailer of the Paranormal Activity Franchise. In the opening scenes of this trailer, it begins with scene of a long queue of  fans waiting for something, and as seconds past we begin to see that the queue were horror fans waiting to be spooked. However in the background, were a non-diegetic deep monotone note or drum beat in which is held thus hinting a horror music. There are subtitles at the bottle side of the screen which give information out to what is happening in the scene. Then it cuts to a scene of the actual footage of the film - this is where the trailer begins. It shows footage of both the audience and the film. It starts with an equilibrium of two couples in their new house - this shows a contrast of the film, almost hiding that it is a horror trailer. The trailer is also shown in a cinematic form with a camera facing the screen as if we are watching it in a cinema. The trailer then unfolds as it shows more and more footage of the film rather than the audience, and as this happens the pace of the edits quicken as the horror scene starts to show. As we go deeper in to the trailer, more short fast pace scenes of the movie is shown however there are quick flashes of images of dark scary images they found in the internet, this is almost like a zoom-in into what they have found as if you were the one who found it. In the end of the trailer, the pace seems to have slow down - this is simply an effect in which makes the audience begin to cool down from the action, however this is what the producers want. They show a long scene of emptiness with  a non-diegetic sound of "please, please, please" from a female, then it shows the female being thrown quickly to the camera, this acts as the final shock which gets the audience really pumped up in the end.

Trailer 2
Chernobyl Diaries

This trailer starts with a very joyful genre as it begins with a group of people going around the world on a holiday with a non-diegetic pop music in the background. The music then diminuendo down quickly as the mise-en-scene cuts from holiday trips in to a small table surrounded by the group in which they are talking about an "extreme tourism" in a nuclear disaster spot in which they are all interested to go to. The scene then cuts in to a historic documentary-like footage of the actual place in which tells and gives more information to the audience of what that place is. Soon after, the scene is cut to the group travelling to the small village in a small van - this shows vulnerability as they are by themselves. The scene after shows little safety precautions that their tour guide has taken and also some dark mise-en-scene which contrasts from their day, full of light, trip that they're suppose to have - this is the beginning of the horror where the equilibrium stops. There is a scene in which their tour guide seems to be risking his life by checking the lake and putting his hand in it, this is simply a joke to him but to others its a terrible, scary joke as he pretends to have be grabbed by something in the water. Then as they have more and more fun, the scene cuts to a female taking a picture of a building in which she checks later and saw a small girl staring back at her in a window. This is the beginning of their misfortune as the night starts to grow near, they try to leave but finds that the van is broken in which they then here things in the distance and check it out. Then scenes after they seem to be running from something in which the producers have cleverly prevented the audience from seeing to keep up the suspense of the film. Then the pace quickens again in which shows several scenes of the group running with little light and several dark corridors. And again they also included a final shock in the end of the trailer as they show scenes of a man screaming, injured and rough hands and so forth.

Trailer 3
Fewdio - Creep

This is a short horror film in which begins with a basic title card screen of "Creep" in a font style of Chiller which is also flickering and moving quickly. There is also a non-diegetic music of and old stereo radio. Then a cut from this scene to a girl in a dark, limited-space car by herself, there is also a non-diegetic sound of the radio in which the song seems eerie as the first line was "we're all alone" in which hints out the film. She then gets a call, in which she answers and talks to the other person on the line. There are also cars passing by on the other side of the road in which flashes through the car revealing what is in it - which is emptiness. As the time goes by she said "if I don't call you back then I've been... attacked by some maniac" this is simply a hint of whats to come to her as seconds before that as another car goes pass it shows a "maniac" staring at the female as she talks away unaware of "it." Then as she ends the call and puts it away there is a small pause of silence before she then checks her back and scream of fear and shock, in which the film ends to sustain the suspense. 

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