Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Evaluation - Who would be the audience for your media product?

Target Audience


My target audience for my music magazine would be a male population of ranging ages of about 15 - 25, they would also have to love/like the music genre Hip Hop/Rap. I have also aimed my magazine to an audience who are in the middle/working class in which they could afford my price of the magazine which is £3.99, this is a reasonable price in which is suitable price to be placed in the market.This age range is suitable as this is the audience for almost all media audience, this includes cinema viewing and other media based products. This is also the age reange in which the largest audience for social networking sites are in which I could possibly use viral marketing to promote and begin the publishing of my magazine product. I have also chose to a male audience as this is what most magazine is aimed at and also this is the majority of the audience for Hip Hop/Rap music. And the reason behind the target as being in the influences of Hip Hop/Rap music is simply because I am not likely to get an audience which loves indie music but buys a Hip Hop magazine, they simply must like the genre of music and want to be updated with the lastes news of this genre in which my magazine will do that for them therefore they would buy my magazine.


My secondary audience, would be the same age range and influences however it would be the female audience, as some of the female popular  This is simply because a female audience is the secondary audience for this genre of music. I have also chosen them as the secondary audience as they may want to buy the magazine as they may like a certain artist that is featured in a magazine issue.

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