Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Preliminary Work...

We were given the task to design and create a magazine based on our school as our theme of the magazine. This is my magazine cover. This is simplistic cover of a magazine. I have followed the conventions of a magazine cover by having an attractive young female as my main image, this will automatically attract female students to buy my magazine and learn about the student on my magazine. The background of my magazine is a simple blue to a fade of black, I used this colour as it is the main colour of the school's logo of blue and yellow. I have created a masthead of "Granger" which came from our school "Heworth Grange Comprehensive School". This lets the audience know that it comes from Heworth Grange and not a different school such as Thomas Heburn etc. My main font style is simple - this makes the magazine seem proffesional and formal. The colour of the writing is white, I chose this because it stands out from the background, this makes it easier to read what it says. I also have informatio of the magazine - information such as the price and date of the magazine so that the audience know when the magazine was issued. I also have a promotional bar which is my unique selling point for the magazine. I have also justified my subheadings to the side of the magazine, this fills up my magazine but at the same time, avoid blocking my main image's face.

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